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Photos for Summer Knitting Inspiration

View of the Klickitat River

It doesn’t feel like Summer is around the corner. I’m wearing a wool cardigan and wool socks. We broke down and actually turned the heat on today. It’s definitely hard to write or draw when you’re fingers and hands are coldy cold. But this Sunday and also earlier last week, I spent some time in the Columbia River Gorge area. My mother-in-law and I actually visited the Foothills Alpaca farm outside of Hood River.

See the cute young Alpaca’s who were just recently sheared. Hopefully, they’re not too cold despite this somewhat chilly weather.

Baby Alpaca Cutie

Baby Alpaca Cutie

My Mom-in-law got to feed one of the Babies.

Feeding a baby alpaca

Feeding a baby alpaca

The Alpaca Maternity Ward with three expectant mothers:

The "Maternity Ward"

We went on a brief hike up the Klickitat, and I took a few pictures of some late-spring wildflowers. I’m actually thinking of designing a few simple pieces inspired by these flowers.

The wild lilac’s fragrance filled the air.

Wild Lilac


Not sure

Wild Onion


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