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Chocolates and a nifty scarf

I finished a pretty nice scarf (made with Rowan Lurex Shimmer and Elizabeth Austen’s Yang). I like how the ribbon with the glittery thread knitted up into a sort of scaly pattern with some nice drape. I originally made it for my mother, but I don’t think she’ll like the shades of color.

But I did finish making chocolates over at my friend Pete’s house. This was an all day affair, but well worth it. And you get to try all the ‘mistakes.’ Several of us get together every year before Mother’s day to make several kinds of hand made chocolates. It took a little longer today because there were less folks helping out than last year. Oh well, more for us. Sorry the picture’s a little blurry. This year we made the following:

Dark chocolates:

  • Half pipes with almonds with almond filling and orange chocolate ganache
  • Espresso ganache
  • Lemon cremes
  • Huckleberry cordials
  • Smoked almonds with coconut fllling
  • Dipped caramels with a touch of grey sea salt
  • Cointreau truffles

Milk chocolate

  • Macadamia nut
  • Blueberry cordials
  • Coconut creme ( I think I didn’t make these ones so I’m not sure)

Boxes of Mother's Day Chocolates

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