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Why can’t American TV Writers just write their own ‘good stuff?’

This has nothing to do with knitting though with one of my favorite programs. I got both seasons of BBC’s Life on Mars as a birthday gift from my very present-buying savvy husband.

Looks like American TV writers for ABC have really ‘cocked it up’ in their Americanized version of the popular British series. Why God, Why?! Why do we continue to have to take what’s good somewhere else and put our own cultural stamp on it? I suppose I shouldn’t rag on this until I’ve seen it, but still I smell a rotten dinosaur egg of mega proportions.

You can read the initial review of the program here:


The original program really was a joy to watch. My favorite character of course is Gene Hunt, who utters one of my favorite lines ever.

Cast from the original BBC Production… YAY!!!!

The new cast of the American version… ehhhhhh.

Re-doing foreign shows and films usually sucks. Why? Is it the writers’ fault or the studios’ for just acting on the notion (driven by business vs. creative motivation)?


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