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I want real stories

I need more good movies and shows to knit by. Sometimes I think knitters are the only crafters who build their entertainment around their craft. We want our entertainment to accommodate our need to knit simultaneously.

I got really sick of those “High School Reunion” ads on TV Land that ran for the last few months. “God!” I thought. “Most of us really couldn’t stand these dics when we were in high school. Why would we want to watch a show about them?!” So what if they’re just actors… even tuning in to watch these people humiliate themselves by exposing their lackluster lives replete with petty obsessions and retarded vanities… is JUST NOT SO INTERESTING ANYMORE. We all know that reality television is a misnomer… and that even virtual reality (manipulated by real people at least) has more of a foothold in reality than this garbage.

I want stories… good stories… not more of this reality garbage.  I know that many of the good BBC tv shows come from radio shows… Nathan Barley, Mighty Boosh…etc. Maybe what we need are more good radio shows a la podcasts.  Eric and I actually found a cool series of 1970’s thrillers from the BBC called Beasts. There was a particularly harrowing story about rats taking over the English countryside.  Also my favorite was the episode called “Baby” about this couple who finds this wizened mummy-like creature in a jar in the wall plaster of their old cottage. Eric felt that the rat story would make a good onstage drama. I think that most of the stories in this series could actually be converted into great radio plays.

*We have a mysterious hole in our back yard in the middle of the lawn… it’s too big for a rat and too small for a cat… I always joke to Eric… that’s were “The Baby” lives.

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