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Okay, I’m not this geeky…

But I found this pretty amusing. Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver for sale for 14.99 here.

Sonic Screw Driver

Sonic Screw Driver

Now there’s the total practical dork in me who thinks… you know I would get if it actually was a pen too… ’cause it really should do something… practical, and besides what the heck would I do with that but loose it in my purse? Then I read the description and it says… that it is a pen. Okay, maybe now I do have to get this…. but then I am bummed out again… because I find that they are sold out.  Flap doodles!  Five minutes later… I rationalize it thinking, “You know that is just UBER GEEKY.”  This is UBER GEEKY… and no, I’m not buying that!

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I seriously needed a laugh this morning

More classic Tim Conway from the Carol Burnett Show:


He does “Ow My Balls” without being so crass… and his physical comedy is brilliant.

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Getting back into my Delorean

At knit night last week, I really tried give an adequate description of the lileks.com site. I have sort of an odyssey back through fashion and time when ever I look at the lileks website. It’s true that much of the stuff here comes from way before my time, but I still enjoy the trip. This site houses one of my most favorite kitsch visuals on the web:

The Grooviest Motel in Wisconsin.

You need to click through the entire site, as you get a ‘walking tour’ of this fabulous hotel (which no longer exists). It looks like an architectural nightmare. I can picture indoor astroturf and red shag carpet. So many beautiful things came out of this era… and so many terribly ugly things too. It seems that this was really a time when people were experimenting with style. Is it me, or have we only been re-hashing styles and reliving nostalgia for the past two decades? Maybe the unique elements of fashion are as imperceptible as the impact of history to contemporary individuals.

Were havin Big Hair

We're havin' "Big Hair"

I sometimes think that the Old Navy and “That Seventies Show” together brought back some of the seventies fashion. And just fading from the limelight (hopefully) has been the obsession with the Eighties. I noticed that despite this ‘dip into the past,’ people are still being selective about what the bring back. Fortunately, there’s been no resurgence of ‘bell bottom’ pants or tidal wave bangs. On the other hand, all these people who adore 80’s music revivals seem to listen only the crap top 40’s. There’s no accounting for taste. Perhaps people want to embrace the vacuous and vapid culture of the 80’s because it’s as good an escape as anything else. Perhaps the nation’s young adults are regressing into their childhood because with the impending doom of failed economies and global warming there’s little else where they can run but to the past.

I barely remember the early to mid seventies, my memories include this polyester pantsuit my mother wore that had the following colors in it (avocado green, mustard yellow, and orange-red). I used to call it her “Del Monte brand” outfit. I also remember the old Betty Crocker Cookbook we had (in a ring binder). I think I tore out the page with the space cupcakes by accident. You could see my greasy little finger prints all over the page, all evidence of my obsessive pleading to make them. My mother, wasn’t much of a cook back then you see, plus she was incredibly health conscious so making cakes and cookies was almost always out of the question.

Famolare Shoes - the ones I had looked like loafers with the wavy soles.

Famolare Shoes - the ones I had looked like loafers with the wavy soles.

My other memories of the 70’s include Famolare shoes, culottes in rusty orange corduroy, page boy haircuts for boys, satin roller derby jackets, the old blue Bel Air my dad used to drive, Holly Hobby and “Love Is…” posters, Jaime Lee Curtis, and Magic Rocks and Sea Monkeys. I don’t think we ever owned a circular bed or had a patch of shag carpet in our house. I’m assuming my mother probably immediately saw that as a dust magnet and allergy hazard.

Still sometimes when I look back into my childhood, I find it reassuring. Perhaps it’s because all those old things seem fresh and new again. It’s as if I was looking at them with the eyes of youth.


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Friday funny – How to properly use the toilet

I just have to wonder…. wha…..?  I guess some people are purely visual.

Is it me or is the picture on the top right… correct for a guy?

I most especially like the guy fishing in the toilet. Obviously he saw that old Carol Burnett Spoof, “Jowls.” Check it out below. I remember watching this skit as wee kid and dying of laughter. I think I had an asthma attack.  I love, love, love the Carol Burnett Show. I cried and cried when I saw the last episode.

From the ReadWriteNow blog:

How to properly use the toilet

How to properly use the toilet


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I want real stories

I need more good movies and shows to knit by. Sometimes I think knitters are the only crafters who build their entertainment around their craft. We want our entertainment to accommodate our need to knit simultaneously.

I got really sick of those “High School Reunion” ads on TV Land that ran for the last few months. “God!” I thought. “Most of us really couldn’t stand these dics when we were in high school. Why would we want to watch a show about them?!” So what if they’re just actors… even tuning in to watch these people humiliate themselves by exposing their lackluster lives replete with petty obsessions and retarded vanities… is JUST NOT SO INTERESTING ANYMORE. We all know that reality television is a misnomer… and that even virtual reality (manipulated by real people at least) has more of a foothold in reality than this garbage.

I want stories… good stories… not more of this reality garbage.  I know that many of the good BBC tv shows come from radio shows… Nathan Barley, Mighty Boosh…etc. Maybe what we need are more good radio shows a la podcasts.  Eric and I actually found a cool series of 1970’s thrillers from the BBC called Beasts. There was a particularly harrowing story about rats taking over the English countryside.  Also my favorite was the episode called “Baby” about this couple who finds this wizened mummy-like creature in a jar in the wall plaster of their old cottage. Eric felt that the rat story would make a good onstage drama. I think that most of the stories in this series could actually be converted into great radio plays.

*We have a mysterious hole in our back yard in the middle of the lawn… it’s too big for a rat and too small for a cat… I always joke to Eric… that’s were “The Baby” lives.

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