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Artfibers Yarntasting this week

A glimpse into my Artfibers stash

A glimpse into my Artfibers stash


I’ve decided to host an Artfibers Yarntasting on July 19th.  I had to reserve a spot with the Portland Parks bureau so we could hold it outdoors. You might ask… What on earth is a yarntasting? It’s basically a party where you get to swatch or sample various yarns. In this case, Artfibers gorgeously unique yarns. I first learned about Artfibers via the Stash and Burn podcast, but I became seriously enamored of these yarns soon after visiting their old location in San Francisco. I became a regular online customer.   I’ve even purchased their undyed yarns for a future dye project.

Unique textures and fiber blends combined with color palettes that seem nature-inspired can be knit or crocheted into gorgeous heirloom projects or special gifts. I have Artfibers stash reserved for some of the most special members of my own family.  My favorite sweater is made of Artfibers Rush:

My favorite pullover in Artfibers Rush (Egyptian cotton)

My favorite pullover in Artfiber's Rush (Egyptian cotton)

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Rox at Artfibers that the Yarntasting kit is on it’s way.  Each yarntaster will get several samples of yarns to knit or crochet into swatches.  After the Yarntasting is over they’ll get an e-mail with a survey to provide feedback on the yarns. I’m pretty darned psyched about this! I’m hoping that people will bring their cameras so they can take photos of their swatches and share with others.

If you’re interested in hosting your very own Yarntasting you can check out the Artfibers website. It’s a wonderful way to learn about these gorgeous yarns.

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Dye Party Extravaganza

Dont drink the Kool-aid. Use it for dyeing

Don't drink the Kool-aid. Use it for dyeing

I had a yarn/fabric dying party yesterday with some friends.

I have more pics of the finished yarns I need to share but here are some of the original batch of Kool-aid dyed yarns we finished yesterday afternoon. The Dye party was a huge success. We used my old kitchen microwave to set the dyes in the yarn and fabric. All items were wrapped in microwaveable plastic bags and zapped for about two minutes and then two minutes again to set the dye.

The Kool-aid dyes worked suprisingly well especially with the superwash wools. We also did a batch of acid dye yans/fabrics. I did dye some dupioni silk which turned out quite well. I discovered that my Eco wool didn’t take dyes very well. probably because there was excess lanolin there even after a thorough washing with synthropol.

I will post pictures of those as soon as I get the time 🙂

Rinsing set dyed yarns & fabric in a bucket

Rinsing set dyed yarns & fabric in a bucket

More yarn photos:

Cascade Eco Wool in Acid Dye Colors

Cascade Eco Wool in Acid Dye Colors

My Sock Yarn in Blues and Brown

My Sock Yarn in Blues and Brown

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