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Executive decision – streamline the project list for Christmas

I’ve decided that I’m going to put a stop to any Christmas and birthday knitting that hasn’t been started or planned in detail yet. I took one good look at the Excel spreadsheet I set up and realized that I was really putting myself in for a hectic few months ahead.  Did I really want to make knitting into a huge chore? Did I wan’t to put myself through endless guilt trips for not starting, or starting late, or procrastinating on getting things finished?


So I’ve scrapped the list, and I’m only going to work on two gift sweaters and a pair of socks for this year.  If I just happen to make socks that might fit someone else… then that doesn’t count. Ooops I made a pair of socks for you. See how that works?  The two sweaters i’d like to knit as gifts this year are: Bristow and the Central Park Hoodie (with a hemlock stitch variation). I’ve purchased the yarn for both of these sweaters. I just need to get them started. I’m planning on starting the CPH Hemlock in Cascade 220 yarn (Lake Chelan Blue) as soon as I finish one of the projects currently on my cue.

Also, I’ve decided to frog the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I’m just not happy with the way things are working out with this sweater. I’m sure it would look lovely on me, but I’m not into working on it, and I’d much rather focus on finishing my “Side Impact Sweater” with the lovely Artfibers Rush that I purchased this summer. I have to say, this yarn is a true “Winner” and I suggest it to anyone who wants to make a nice fall cotton sweater. You do have to be a little careful about splitting the yarn as you knit, but I’ve discovered that if you build this ‘careful knitting’ into your rhythm of knitting stockinette then you’ll encounter few problems with this yarn. People complain all the time about splitty yarn (I think those people are whiners… come on buck up and take it), but I believe that if a yarn is ‘reasonable’ then you can avoid the splitting with just a little care. Despite this the color variation and dye work has resulted in such a rich pattern of colors in plum, grey, and purple (Color # 5 in Artfibers Rush). If it’s possible to fall in love with a yarn… I think I’ve gone off the deep end for this one.

There’s also the Lochinver Gansey that I’ve been making quite a deal of progress on.  I guess I want to really focus on learning new techniques in sweater construction rather than put myself through the rigamarole of getting a bunch of tiny projects done.

Side Impact Sweater Progress 8/5

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