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70’s TV Inspired Knitwear

All this talk about Seventies themed shows like The Sweeney and Life on Mars has gotten me hankering for some 70’s sensibility and style. Vikie Howell may look back on the 80’s with nostalgia, but not me.  You know those annoyingly superficial rite-de-passage teen movies from the 80’s?  My role in that movie would have been one of the supporting characters like neer-do-well nerd. I was Sarah-Jessica-Parker before Sex in the City when she was in Square Pegs. So no, I don’t like the 80’s.

What to knit that’s got 70’s style but doesn’t look like something that should be worn to a costume party?

I thought I might try the Short Sleeved Wavy Line Sweater from Vintage Knits. I wonder of PC Annie Cartwright form Life on Mars would be seen wearing this… I think so.

I feel wrong about posting a photo of someone’s creation on Ravelry without their permission. So I will try to provide you with a photo approximation (imagine in more subtle shades of russet, sorrel, chestnut, and a hint of cream). Also picture some short slightly puffy sleeves while you’re at it.

Or how about this (image found on http://www.fashionista.com/):

70's fashion

While I’m on this 70’s click here’s a music favorite.


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