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Meet my sentimental frog

Slouchy bit of frog

Slouchy bit of frog

I’ve been having issues with my camera fuzzing up. User error obviously. I actually was able to whip up “Frog” in about an evening. I took some time the next day during lunch to construct him, and I added the scarf later. He’s got sort of a soulful and sentimental air about him. As he sits on my desk next to my key board his eyes direct themselves toward the ceiling as if to ask “why?” If I was eight years old, he’d be my best friend and quite a listener.

I used Glaciar del Cielo for the body and parts.  I really enjoy using this yarn as it doesn’t feel as harsh or rough as other cotton yarns. Strange but I prefer to make my creatures out of cotton vs. acryllic or even wool yarns because of the way they feel to the touch. The scarf was knit from some unidentifiable scrap of acrylic blend yarn, probably Encore.

I tried to make this toy fairly kid-friendly: no wire construction, no buttons or beads. Just stuffing and embroidered features.

I’m actually drafting a pattern of this little guy right now, and I”ll probably make it available for free on


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Wedding Shawl



  • 10 skeins of “Sari” by Lana Grossa in White
  • US size 19 needles (Plastic not wood)
  • Large tapestry needle (plastic)

The pattern is simple:
Alternate segments of rows of garter stitch (2, 3, 4 rows) with a row of yarnovers (yo 3 and yo 4). Vary your garter stitch row numbers and yarn over numbers randomly. Finish up all of your yarn. Sew in the ends with the tapestry needle. You’re done.

I’m actually tempted to make this stole again in brown, but this time string those little mermaid scale hanging round sequins (in both contrasting and complementary colors) on the yarn before I knit. I really wish that this yarn came in a pale aqua blue.

There were times when using the large, large needles really bothered me because they were so clunky. I actually had to rest my hands and wrists between periods of knitting this piece because the exaggerated motions required when using these large tools really wore me down.


We had to take our wedding pictures before the ceremony… breaking with tradition, but that’s okay… we’re that kind of family. By the way… that bouquet was just a bunch of flowers I picked on the side of the road. Stop the Car!” I cried when I spotted them. The photographer said that it was the nicest bouquet she’d seen in a long time.

I broke down and took the actual shawl out of storage so I could take a photo of it in detail. I’ll post these later today. Holding the stole and touching my wedding dress brought back very nice-nice memories of our wedding and as our 1st year anniversary is around the bend it was sort of a nice memory sparker. Our wedding was happily stress free and just want we wanted… a happy time on the beach with friends and family, and there were tons of flowers. I did invest in the flowers because to me strangely they were more important than the dress. I made sure there was plenty of Pikake (jasmine), maile leaves and lots of tuberoses and plumeria ordering leis for the wedding party and our guests. If you ever want to get married on the Big Island in Hawaii I do suggest that you call “Lani’s Floral” she did an absolutely fabulous job preparing my flowers, and she’s a wonderfully nice lady too.


Brother in law, Sister in law, Husband and Me


Sunset on the beach before we went to chow down at our reception

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