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Walking and Knitting


Kniting while walking - girl knitting a sock

Found this lovely image and the very nice blog I listed below.

For the ultimate multitasker… some tips for walking and knitting safely…

  • If you have a track for laps or walking near you in a park or some other place… that’s a good place to practice. And you’re not in any danger of being hit by cars. I do the walk around my neighborhood which is extremely pedestrian friendly and residential… so there isn’t a lot of traffic.
  • Wear good safe shoes… make sure your laces are tied, everything fastened 🙂 I’m such a dork I forget. Also make sure you wear comfortable shoes.
  • Having a walking small tote that has a handle that fits around your wrist is a must. I use the zippered pyramid bags or Knit Walk bags.
  • I usually work on relatively simple stockinette projects… unless the knit purl or lace is very repetitive and easy to memorize. Avoid excessive increases & decreases 🙂

If you’re going to walk on the street: (sorry if these seem really basic)

  • Always stop before getting to a cross walk.
  • Be very aware of your surroundings.
  • Again avoid busy areas.
  • If you’re just getting used to it… don’t take your pet on a walk with you… getting tangled with Fido and sockyarn is not fun 🙂

More resources:

He goes out for a walk with me:

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Knitting from my Stash

Resolving to use my creative energy to figure out what to do with all this yarn

Okay, I’m going to keep a score card of things I’m knitting from my stash.  I have to admit… I need to focus on using what I have. The first step to dealing with any addiction is admitting that you have a problem. I just knew that I had to stop when I found myself engaging in the behavior of buying plastic tubs on a regular basis. To be honest, I only started thinking about this because a current project necessitated me looking for a long lost (perhaps even mythical) cone of Artfibers yarn leftover from a sweater I knitted last year. I realized I had way too much stash when I literally couldn’t sort through what I had to find the damn cone of pink and purple yarn.

I’ve decided that I’m going to keep a score card of all things knitted from the stash. For many people keeping lists is what separates them from devolving into mindless and chaotic animals. Since I’ve been a rather lame blogger as of late. I’ll just return back to this post to relate my progress or not post to share my lack of. I could research some fancy knitting widget or plug in, but… screw it. I’m just going to do things the old fashioned way… bullet by bullet. Besides I know myself well enough to understand that if the list gets too long or complex I’ll just run away screaming. Sorry, I probably let you into my psyche a little too much there.


  • Tam from Silky Wool (3/4 skein teal green)
  • Fossil Crocheted Neckwarmer (from Kim Werker’s Crocheted Gifts) – 100% in Di’Ve Autunno 3 balls
  • Fossil Neckwarmer in Elsbeth Lavold Silky Flamme 2.5  balls
  • Baroness Beret – 1.5 skeins Elsbeth Lavold Angora
  • Exfoilating Washrag (crocheted) – .5 skeins of Fibranatura Flax

Started (includes percentage complete:

  • Branching Out Scarf from SIlky Wool (1 & 1/4 skein teal green) – 40%
  • Black Cavern Cardigan from Panda Bamboo (10 skeins of black) – 90%
  • Crocheted Market Bag – 1.5 skeins of  Fibra Natura Flax
  • Tunisian Crocheted Scarf – Universal Poems 3 skeins

<<<<Crap, my list isn’t very long… need to work on this>>>>

UFO (previously discarded unfinished objects) recently picked up:

  • Lace Top from 5-6 balls of Knitpicks Palette (From Scottish Highland Knits) 75%
  • Dr. Who Scarf out of 18-20 balls of Elann Peruvian Highland Wool(commissioned by a friend) 70% This thing is supposed to be 27 feet long… yeah right… I’m stopping at 20.
  • Kilamajaro Sweater (in Cascade Pastaza): 45%

Lace Top -been hibernating for at least a year or so


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I’m a knitter not a miracle worker

I love the old Star Trek’s for their kitsch value. I don’t ever think i’d knit a Star Trek sweater, but I was shuffling around the web looking for colorwork patterns and I ran across this…

I freaked out because I took one look at this chart and thought… who the hell would want to knit a sweater with Saddam Hussein on it….No, really… it looks like Saddam Hussein. I know it’s Scottie, but still. Maybe the mustache isn’t as full as Saddam’s.


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Where to find good tutorials

I really like the Knitting Help site as a tutorial site.

I recently held a Knit Nite at my house and made sure we had a laptop computer set up in the crafting area so that we could reference sites like Knitting Help or even stitch references/instructions and patterns. Okay, we also used it to look up some catty and dark stuff like the Hannah Montana fraud and even learn more about the bizarre and horrifying case of My Space cyber bullying, but when you get a bunch of women together for a craft night topics will wander of course to some topics of some scandal. When guys get together for tool night, what do they talk about?…. Never mind, I don’t want to know.

I’m on the search for more video tutorials available on Youtube, and I found this pretty funny video on how to knit Ramen noodles with chopsticks:

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Scarf for my Alma Mater and What’s Wrong with Red Hart Yarn

Whooo Whoo… not that I have the time to knit it right now.

Though I still love gargoyles. They’re so cute and menacing at the same time.


Oh, oh, oh… I found this funny post on Red Hart yarn. Apparently items knit in it can survive horrific disasters unscathed.

Can you imagine? I wonder if enduring a flood can at least render the stuff less itchy. Though honestly, if you want to make crochet toys or amigurumi the stuff is pretty good because it’s durable and washable though still not very cuddly.

I actually made a teddy bear out of it once.

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Skull and Bones and Funny Nazis

I want to design a scarf for someone with a skull and bones. I found a pretty good pattern here at the Domiknitrix.

The skull fixation reminded me of a funny funny clip from “That Mitchell and Webb Look”

Have you looked at our caps recently… the badges on our caps… they’ve got skulls on them… are we the baddies?

Catch the little skull knitting at the end of the clip. I’m not sure, but the scarf the nazi is knitting looks like it has the same graphic pattern I linked to above.


They were never going to give me the job when things were going well… Heil me though….


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Knitting Bunny

Untalkative Bunny goes to a knitting circle:


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Sew(knit) little silkworm, sew(knit)…


Remember that old cartoon where a familiar cartoon pig has the little silkworm that makes all sorts of silk dainties when he says the word “Sew (So).”  This was probably one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood. Though admittedly the little oriental caricature of the silkworm is a little irritating. But what can you say… like people knew any better back then.

I want to be the silkworm without the Asiatic Caricature.


Link to the Cartoon

I apologize for the ads in advance. Well, the clip is on ‘that’ company’s website… so what do you want?

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Nanatoo the knitting demon

I got on one of those sort of fixes tonight…. I wanted to find stuff on knitting humor. In my efforts to collect knitting humor and pop-culture lore, I remembered one of my favorite episodes of the Mighty Boosh, “Nanageddon.” Nanatoo is one of the most feared demons of them all… she knits a strangling web that leaves you powerless. Warning: although the show is really meant to be silly… Nanatoo isn’t a nice lady. (Also… there’s a tiny bit of profanity).

Best quotes from this episode:
“Goth Juice… made from the tears of Robert Smith”

“Goths don’t have mustaches… you look like Tom Selleck.”

Part I
Part II
Part III

Part IV

Love the Bingo scene… and the announcer. There’s a sort of poetry to bingo announcing isn’t there? “Sixty two – avian flu… Good people are dicks, number forty six.”

Part V

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