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I’ve discovered felting

Right, when the last thing I needed was another needle & fiber-craft. I took a two hour course on felting. I went in completely ignorant of how to shape wool fiber or roving into all sorts of forms, came out being able to put together cute little animals and creatures.

The ingredients needed for a successful felting are the following:

1.) Felting mat (usually made of a thick piece of foam or a wide flat brush with thick bristles).

2.) Wool roving or fiber (that is washed, combed and processed).

3.) Felting needle.

That’s it… no glue, no wires unless you’re creating an armature or skeleton to make your felted creation bendable and pose-able… though this sounds tricky & fiddly and perhaps a bit dangerous. Because essentially when you’re needle felting you’re taking the felting needle and jabbing it over and over again into the roving bits to shape them. For example in both the owl and the Totoro figures below, the body is simply just a rolled up wad of roving that has been poked and shaped into a body form. The ears on Totoro and the owls’ wings are smaller clumps of roving shaped into the appropriate form. I didn’t cut those pieces out. I basically poked and prodded at them until the wool took the shape I desired.

This is such a simple yet rewarding craft… even children (who are responsible and responsive to safety instructions) can master this skill within an hour or two.  It’s a great introduction into fiber-craft.  Looks like I may not have to knit or crochet everyone a present this year.

Want more ideas for felted cutestuff?

My 2nd Totoro - completed in less than 1 hour

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More video log: Coraline’s Teeny Tiny Knitting (something to pick up the spirits)

Amazing… needles the size of a human hair! What a Labor of love. Did you hear that the removed the Jonas Brothers from the 3-D theaters to reinstate Coraline!  Yes…. that’s much better.


Also, I’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps. It always helps me to listen to the “Pastoral Symphony.”

(Video is over 30 minutes long… but the music is worth it).


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Dr. Who Dolls in Crochet

Say what you want of my infatuation with Dr. Who, but I just absolutely adore the dolls created by this wonderfully creative and inventive individual. She’s basically crocheted and knit a version of all of the Doctor’s incarnations. Each complete with a detailed outfit. I have to say my favorite is the Peter Davidson Doctor. I believe that you can order the dolls. Here’s a link to photos :

Excellent work. I heart and I covet! I’m still amazed at the details in the costumes. Especially Sylvester McCoy’s.

K-9 Tissue holder is adorable!

Peter Davidson’s Doctor aka. the Fifth Doctor


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