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Chance to win some pretty sweet yarn

Yarn Contest

Here are the photos of the yarns up for grabs in Episode 8’s podcasts. Hey, y’all. There’s only one contestant vying for the Yarnia and none for the Shetland handspun. Here’s your chance. Post your answers or even best guesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong. If there aren’t enough participants I’ll put everyone who comments into the pool.

To enter read the details in Episode 8’s post and follow the directions. Good luck 🙂

Contest 1 – Where was I knitting?

2 skeins approx. 50 grams each of homespun shetland wool.

Contest 2 – What’s that sound at the end of the podcast?
Prize: 1 350 yard skein Yarnia Estrel ( 34% Bamboo; 29% Merino; 27% Wool). Sweet… super sweet!

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