I set up this blog originally so I could pass on links and information on knitting to my friend. Hopefully, she’s actually reading this blog. In the mean time, I’ll use this place to document my love of knitting (and also my hardships with the craft).

Please note that some of the language on this blog may devolve into some more colorful expressions (especially when I’m knitting lace/shetland lace).


This is a visual representation that closely resembles me and my outlook and personality. I think they referenced me in my highschool year book as the most-likely to return to her native land… space.


6 responses to “About

  1. Really nice website(s)! Hope to meet you at one of the PDX meetups.

  2. Heya, Shelly!

    Thanks for the response. I actually went to the East Siders meeting at Twisted. But I’m always up for the different events. I learn so much from being around so many savvy knitters. Look forward to meeting you as well.

  3. nathknits

    Hi there! I found your website by mistake, by mistyping the url for my website (http://www.nathknits.wordpress.com). What a difference one ‘h’ makes…

    Nice blog you have here!

  4. Jona

    I may not be able to knit, but I love reading your blog. Keep it up!!! Your stories are great!

  5. Ruth Nadler

    I’m looking for the pattern of the amigurumi sheep

  6. Oh! i just got into knitting and I found your blog :), it’s really nice! I just found out about the #knitchat so i’m looking forward to join you tomorrow.

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