UK #knitchat 12/10 – Our First Transatlantic Chat

Hello everyone!

This is our first chance to chat with each other via a #knitchat on Twitter and I’m looking forward to it. Everyone grab a cup of tea and a pastry, biscuit or cake. Since this the first UK/US knitchat I thought we’d keep the discussion fairly simple and focus mainly on introductions and what we’re excited about learning (knitting-wise).

Please note I’m toying with the idea of hosting a Google Hangout instead of a Twitter chat in the same time slot (Saturday 8:00 AM PST) either the end of December or the beginning of January. If you are interested in participating in this or any other Twitter chats please follow me on Twitter. I am @cloudynatknit.

If you need a primer on how #knitchat works on Twitter please refer to the “DETAILS… DETAILS” section below. I’m not sure how many folks will join but there are a lot of folks the stream of tweets could get fast. It’s okay. Sometimes even I cannot keep up, but I do read the tweets the following day using Storify or

#knitchat discussion questions:

Q1) Introductions: Name, Location, Ravelry ID (or nickname), Website, blog, podcast, etc.
Q2) What’s currently on your needles or hook right now?
Q3) What are you excited about learning (knitting-wise)? Anything you’d like to master?


DETAILS… DETAILS… If you want to know more about what #knitchat is and how it works

  • Where: Twitter (follow the #knitchat hashtag)
  • When: UK/US – December 10, 2011 – Saturday 8:00 AM PST / 4:00 PM London time.
  • Who: Me you and other Twitter Knitters/Crocheters & Fiber-crafters
  • How: Need a primer on Twitter Chat… check this out: What does this Twitter chat thing look like?
  • How: to post photos – 5 ways to share photos on Twitter
  • How: to shorten your links. Simply paste your link into the field in and shorten it. Copy and paste this link into the twitter feed. Some Twitter aps actually automatically shorten the links for you.

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