Sock Summit – Natknit’s mini #pdx tour Part 2: Mississippi Avenue & North Portland

Hi there,

I love in North Portland or No Po as we affectionately call it. I love sharing all about my neighborhood with folks from out of town. Since you’re all knitters you’re doubly cool house guests. Also if you’re from Portland already and just want to hang out with some cool knitters then come along. If you’re not able to make it on Friday, just use the directions here and do the tour on your own. Do some of your own research to get comfortable with the Max System and the Google Map of the area as well. Here’s a link to the train schedule.

I’m sketching out more details of this plan. Right now I’m planning for Friday only. 

2:30 -2:45ish PM We’ll meet outside of the Convention Area near the “Big Bell” I’ll probably be there earlier just hanging out. I’m not sure how hot it will be so make sure you bring a water bottle or hotweather drink just in case. Anzen (Japanese grocery) across from the Convention Center sells beverages and so does the Starbucks inside.

2:45 We’ll walk down to catch the 3:09 Max Yellow line train (schedule). It’s not that far but I want to give us enough time to accommodate anyone who is a ‘leisurely’ walker and give us time to purchase our train tickets. If you purchase a whole day ticket you won’t have to worry about paying for one on the way back.

We’ll get off at N. Killingsworth. It takes roughly 15-20 minutes to make the trip on the train. Walk 4 blocks to the Naked Sheep Knit Shop near Killingsworth & Gay. I timed it and it’s about an 8-10 minute walk and I drag my feet.

Hang around the Naked Sheep for a bit, then walk back to the Killingsworth station. Take the train back one stop to the The N. Prescott stop and walk down Skidmore to Mississippi Ave 3 blocks.

My hope is that we’ll get done around dinner time. I plan to eat at the Carts at Mississippi Ave.  get a brewski at Probst Gastrobpub and then head to the Amnesia Brewery for more local beer. YES, we like BEER as much as we love coffee in Portland. Anything goes after that. If you’re interested in trying out one of the many places to eat on Mississippi it’s up to you. If a few people are interested in hanging around we can stay at Amnesia or go to any of the other lovely establishments on the street. 

This is very Portland, you see… just hanging out letting things develop as they will.

To get back to the convention center, you’d just walk to Failing st. from Mississippi Avenue. Take a right on Failing and walk to Failing Street Pedestrian Bridge. Walk over the bridge and straight to N. Interstate. Take a left and walk to the Max Station at Overlook Park.

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