6/17 #knitchat Summer knitting

Summer means sitting by a body of water larger than a kiddie pool and sipping some sort of iced beverage while I knit. If I wasn’t a knitter I’d probably be a fisherman.  Both require patience though one requires you to be a little more still than the other. I try to keep my Summer projects small and I like working on things that are light and airy like lace or things made with sport or DK weight cotton or bamboo. It’s nice to have fiber projects that are cool to the touch on those hot and sticky days where you’d prefer gazpacho over fried chicken.  I’ve even considered putting my knitting in the freezer for a bit just so it was cool enough to the touch that it feel refreshing to touch.

This knitchat is dedicated to summer knitting and summer projects:

#knitchat questions:

Q1) What summer knitting projects do you have on the needles? Links? Photos?

Q2) How do your summer knitting projects differ than those of winter or other seasons?

Q3) Do you have any tips for summer or vacation knitting? Selection? Yarns? Packing & travelling w/ projects?


Two kids fishing at a lake

Photo from the Morguefile: http://mrg.bz/qtt1Tl

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