#knitchat 3/10 – Lessons learned from knitting

Casting on again a 3rd time

Sometimes you have to dust yourself off and start all over again


So we’re delving a little into craft philosophy here at #knitchat this week. Sometimes you can learn life lessons from your knitting or yarn-craft. Often times these lessons are completely unrelated to the craft itself. In my case I think that knitting has taught me patience, resilience, perseverance & humility. I say this after I jut had to frog a sweater that I knit in the round for about 2 1/2 inches before I realized that I was knitting mobius (twisted round). I’d cast on twice for this sweater once already: 240 stitches. Oh well.

At other times knitting and craft in general can teach us the value of making things for people we care about.

Come to this #knitchat and share what you’ve learned from your #knitting. See you there.  Also, Q3 (Question #3)  is TBD as of 3/7. I need your help. If you have a suggestion to add for a thoughtful question related to this topic. Do put it in the comments or send it to me via Twitter. I’m @cloudynatknit on Twitter.

#knitchat questions:

Q1) What have you learned from your knitting that’s not knitting related?

Q2) Has knitting opened any other doors or opportunities for you?  (Has it improved your confidence? Helped you meet new people? Learned new crafts? Maybe even get a job?)

Q3) Has your interest in knitting inspired someone you know to get involved in a craft or other hobby?


  • Where: Twitter (follow the #knitchat hashtag)
  • When: Thursdays on the date listed above at 6:30 PM PST/9:30 PM EST (1 hour)
  • Who: Me you and other Twitter Knitters/Crocheters & Fiber-crafters
  • How: Need a primer on Twitter Chat… check this out: What does this Twitter chat thing look like?
  • How: to post photos – 5 ways to share photos on Twitter
  • How: to shorten your links. Simply paste your link into the field in http://bit.ly/ and shorten it. Copy and paste this link into the twitter feed.

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