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Next #knitchat topic – Technoknit 12/2/2010


Now I know some people, including myself do handicrafts and knit to break away from the world of technology, but technology does help us become better knitters at time.

Think of what the world was like pre-Ravelry. Pattern searches required me to get off my tookus and into a shop. Now there are practically too many patterns to choose from that I loose focus. Notice, I didn’t say there was too much yarn (there could never be too much of that).  I think it was on a episode of “Fiber Beat” that Meg Swansen noted that the Internet was in a way responsible for the huge knitting renaissance that started over the past few years.

This #knitchat discussion will be on how technology has actually improved our knitting and fiber craft (or in some-cases like myself, become a bit of a distraction).

Where: Twitter (follow the #knitchat hashtag)

When: December 2nd. 5 PM PST/8 PM EST (1 hour)

Who: Me you and other Twitter Knitters/Crocheters & Fibercrafters

How: Need a primer on Twitter Chat… check this out: What does this Twitter chat thing look like?

This upcoming #knitchat’s questions:

Q1) Who are you? Ravelry ID?

Q2) What is your favorite NON- electronic kniting related tool/app?

Q3) What is your favorite electronic kniting related tool/app?

Q4) How has Ravelry changed your knitting/crochet/fiber-craft life?

Q5) Any special tricks or tips you have for using Ravelry?

Original photo from the Morguefile

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Episode 17: Adventures in Felting and Dreaming of Someplace Warmer

I may not be able to go some place warm right now but I can dream about it. I certainly can listen to music and songs that remind me of warm South American days on a beach right? Or I can make myself a hot water bottle cozy.

This is the episode where Rachel and I talk about felting. I think I’ve actually become  convert to this technique.

Episode 17


Two Hot Water bottle Cozies in Cascade 220 and Elann Peruvian Highland Wool


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Transcript for 11/18’s #knitchat

Sorry it’s so late, but here’s the transcript from the last #knitchat on holiday knitting. Small group but nice chatter about holiday knitting. You can view the transcript here:

It was so fun that I decided to do it again. December 2, 2010 at 5 PM PST / 8 PM Eastern Standard time. I’ll post the questions for discussion ahead of time but the topic will be “Technology and Knitting: How Can Technology Grow our Knitting.”  I’m also researching some tools that might make it easier to participate with the chat online.  I know there are a number of applications for both the web and phone that make tweeting and following discussion #hashtags easier.

From my experience with this chat, I found that using my phone application worked just fine. If you have a Droid or Iphone there are applications for Twitter. One of the participants noted that it wasn’t as straightforward on her Droid, but there may be other applications out there that work great. Also, I was actually on the road while I was chatting so it is possible to be completely mobile. Do not worry, I wasn’t driving 🙂

Original Image from the Morguefile.

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Using one very long circular needle

Hat done with one large circular needle

Hat done with one large circular needle

I’ve been of the practice lately of buying only long circular needles >47 inches (60 inch lengths preferably).

Here’s why this is a good idea:

  1. You can do different sized projects from socks to lap blankets all with one needle.
  2. Which means you don’t have to spend money on different lengths of circular needles or in some cases DPNs.
  3. You can do two socks, fingerless gloves, legwarmers, and any tube-shaped knitted item at once using the “Magic Loop Method.”

You may find at times, when you are binding off things at the top of the crown of a hat or a closure that the cords on your needles may not be flexible enough to work smaller circumferences. In this case having a set of double pointed needles (dpns) is helpful. So if you wanted to set yourself up with a practical or sparse kit of needles, I’d say having for each size of needles 1 circular set with >47 inch length and one set of 5 dpns in the same size might work instead of have several different lengths of needles in the same size.

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So what does this #knitchat thing look like?

Birds on a wire

Tweeting away

Twitter Chat Logistics from previous post

The other day someone asked me is it really possible to have a coherent conversation in Twitter.  For people who want to hang on every word they might be disappointed. However, with an organized set of questions and a “hashtag” like say…  “#knitchat, it’s easy to follow a twitter conversation. Hopefully these quickly answered questions can help paint a better picture of what this looks like. The first time I tried it I was scared, I’ll be honest. But once I got used to the Zen-like approach to letting chatter/tweets flow over me, I became addicted to this form of conversation online.

How do I follow along or contribute to discussion in a #knitchat?

How the conversation works. With every tweet you want to contribute to the discussion type in #knitchat at the beginning or end it doesn’t matter.

When you search for this #hashtag (#knitchat) in Twitter and refresh the search, voila… you will see a stream of tweets shared by your fellow knit tweeters.

Depending on the number of participants and how fast they tweet the stream make flow pretty quickly, but that’s okay. You can always look back at the stream after the chat is over to catch any valuable links, photos, or pithy humor your fellow knitters may be sharing

How does the numbered question thing work in a Twitter discussion?

During the chat one or two people may moderate the chat by sending out a discussion question out every ten minutes or as needed. They label these questions with a number. For example if I ask people Question #2…the following exchange might take place

@Cloudynatknit: QUESTION POST –  Q2) What is your favorite standby knitted holiday gift? #knitchat

@Afakeknitter: Q2 Washcloths accompanied with a lovely bar of soap #knitchat

@KnitterX: Q2 -Hats and mittens with personalized tags 🙂 #knitchat

If you get lost in the case of our #knitchat discussion, always look for the text “QUESTION POST” when scrolling through the recent chat/tweet history.

What are the questions for #knitchat? NOTE THESE ARE OLD QUESTIONS FROM THE 11/18 CHAT.

For those of you who like to prepare in advance… I’m posting them here.

Q1) Introductions? Who are you? Ravelry ID or handle?

Q2) What is your favorite standby knitted holiday gift?

Q3)  How do keep your holiday projects organized? Stay on task? Methods? Tools?

Q4) Do you have any holiday gift fails? What were they?

Q5)  Do you have any other  coping strategies?

Q6) Any cool quick knit patterns you want to share? Any cool gift ideas for knitters you want to share?

Do I have to participate?

No absolutely not… lurkers are most welcome. I do suggest that if you want to connect with other knitters to introduce yourself. We all love you, after all, you’re a knitter.  Can’t wait to see you there.


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Knit Twit? Why Chatter on Twitter?

What is a Twitter Chat?

You can participate in a live chat in twitter simply by including the hashtag for your chat in your 140 character tweet. (i.e. #knitchat, #lrnchat, #edchat, etc.).

This is a great way to connect with people who love the same topics as you do. In this case the general topic is knitting and fibercraft (specifically dealing with the challenges of holiday knitting/crochet/crafting).

Here’s a more detailed primer on “Twitter Chats”

How do I participate in the upcoming #knitchat?

1.) Get a Twitter account ( if you don’t already have one.

2.) On Thursday November 18, 2010 at 5:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) log on to Twitter and start chatting away (including the #knitchat hashtag in the text of your tweet. The chat will last approx. 1 hour long.

3.) The moderator of the chat, in this case me, will tweet the questions that will guide discussion. Don’t worry I’ll label the questions “Q1,” “Q2,” etc. and I’ll repeat them several times.

4.) Chat and respond away. Have fun 🙂 Please offer your own wisdom, wit, happy smileyness and lovely knit related comments.

5.) The last five-ten minutes we can spend time introducing ourselves and plugging our sites, latest FO (finished object) that we’re proud of etc.

6.) Also, if you’re shy, you don’t have to contribute to the discussion. Just type the “#knitchat” hashtag into the “Search” on Twitter and refresh every minute or so. Voila you will see the chat happening before you.

Why don’t you just use the Ravelry Chat room?

In Twitter you don’t need to be at your desktop or laptop computer.  You can actually Tweet using a ‘smart phone’ that has a “Twitter Application” available. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time adjusting the screen size for Ravelry on my phone. Can you imagine having to manoeuvre in a chat room?

Also, I’d like to open the chat to people who aren’t necessarily on Ravelry.

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Lovely Halloween Sunday in Carlton, OR

My family convinced me to take a break this weekend.  We went on a wine tasting outing. Carlton is one of my favorite places in Oregon. wine tasting, views, chantrelle mushrooms, cheese & chocolate (from Honest Chocolates). When the weather turns nice in the spring or summer I see holding a “Sip & Stitch” at the Anne Amie Vineyard and Tasting Room. Their patio is gorgeous.  Two cute little moppets in costume came in to sell brown paper bags with Chantrelle mushrooms. What a better place for customers than a room full of happy tipsy people who love wine, cheese and good food. Later, I was fortunate to sneak into the kitchens at Honest Chocolates in downtown Carlton before they closed. the owner, Dana was so kind. I bought a small bag of lavender honey caramels which I shared with friends on the car ride home. Absolutely fabulous!!!!

Here are a few photos. The first three are of the Anne Amie Vineyard and the last is of the Lemelson Tasting Room.

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