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Tis the Season for Planting Trees

We went to visit the fruit tasting out at the One Green World nursery out in Mollala (about 35 minutes outside of Portland, OR).

I can’t wait to plant Eucalyptus because I heard that moths abhor it! They have these open house tastings 2nd weekend of every month (assuming there’s fruit). The most wonderful thing they cater to folks who are looking to put fruit/bearing and hardy species that flourish here in the Pacific Northwest. The red fruits pictured in the gallery are Cornelian cherries from a plant similar to the Dogwood.  The served them both as fruits and as a jam or preserves. My favorite treat of the day was the Seaberry juice.

Photos from Gallery in order from left to right: Nursery front,  Eucalyptus Plant, Quince (in a columnar tree), Cornelian Cherry Bush, Unripe Figs on the Tree.

Eucalyptus in a pot

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Aran knitting tradition, history and the Inishmore (via Bella Vita Farm & Fiber)

More on the history of Aran sweaters to feed my obsession with the subject. This is a nicely written article from the Bella Vita Farm & Fiber blog. Check it out.

Aran knitting tradition, history and the Inishmore It's almost Christmas 2008, and the present for my husband is the promise of a hand knitted sweater, just for him.   Not just any sweater,  but the beautiful Inishmore designed by Alice Starmore. My husband loves history, and I was curious about the history and tradition in Aran knitting and more specifica … Read More

via Bella Vita Farm & Fiber

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