Explore the New “Black” in Craft Fashion – Crochet

Lily Chins gorgeous crochet lace dress

Lily Chin's gorgeous crochet lace dress

The image above ( Lily Chin designed lace crochet dress found in the first issue of Interweave Crochet – 2004 under “Lace Dress”) and many others inspires me to learn and make more crochet garments that are fashionable and practical. I will always be a knitter, but in the past two years I’ve developed a burgeoning love affair with the craft of crochet.

I’m again teaching beginning crochet at the Naked Sheep Knitshop in North Portland. I get more and more excited each time I teach this class. It simply seems that crochet designers are really challenging the stereotypes of crochet as being the clunky and less graceful of the fiber arts. Gorgeous designs from Lily Chin, Doris Chan, Kristin Omdahl, etc have proven that crochet can not just be couture gorgeous, it can take the form of practical fashion.

“Beginning Crochet” can help learning fiber crafters attain the skills needed to start exploring the fashion options in crochet. In the last class, after we learned all the basic stitches and how to increase, decrease, and crochet in the round. We learned how to make basic lace in crochet. The students were very interested in learning how to crochet hats and berets so I taught them how to calculate increases in the round and develop your basic hat and beret like this one:

Crochet Beret with the Puffy Stitch

Crochet Beret with the Puffy Stitch

I actually adjusted Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat for smaller gauge yarn so I could use Elsebeth Lavold’s Cable Cotton. In the class the students learned how to ‘do the math’ to figure out how to adjust stitches in a pattern to match their sizes and the type and weight of yarn they were using.

You can read about the basic structure of the course in a previous post and view some pretty examples of crochet stitch patterns:


Here are the class details which you can also view on the Naked Sheep’s Knitshop’s Website. Hope to see you there 🙂 :

Learn to Crochet- Starts September 15th
with Natalie
If you want to learn to crochet or just need a refresher course, this class is for you! You’ll learn the basics in just 3 classes and get started on the project of your choice!

Tuesdays ( September 15, 22 and 29)


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7 responses to “Explore the New “Black” in Craft Fashion – Crochet

  1. Maly

    I looked at my hats and decided to wear my black crochet beret, which is why this post caught my eye! =) I need to learn how to crochet and knit again. It’s a wonderful hobby, I think.

  2. lovemuch83

    This is a great post! I am a crocheter more than a knitter. I often enjoy making blankets and love some different ideas I’ve found in magazines and such, but don’t really know how to adjust them to the yarns and hook sizes I would want to use. I wish I had more time to work on my craft. I would love to begin selling my items, but just don’t have the time to finish projects quickly (example: I’m still trying to finish putting together a patch square blanket I had started about 8 months ago for friends who got married in January!) I hope some day soon I will have more time to give towards my crocheting. It is good to find someone that likes the craft just as much as I do! Take care!

  3. What a lovely dress (Lily Chin’s crochet lace dress). I am inspired to pick up my crochet hook! Where can we find the pattern?

  4. OH! I love that dress… I’ve been crocheting for a few years, but I’ve decided I’m finally going to take on a larger project, like a blanket… or that dress 😀

  5. Geez, I really have to dig out my crochet hook. The dress is magnificent. Great post.

  6. I’m glad to see crochet get some fun time! I have always had problems with my hands, long before I used a computer, and crochet puts less stress than knitting, but more than that I love lace and the intricate patterns you can create with fibers from fine thread to heavy cords. I’ve made everything from lace trim for my unmentionables to bedspreads and welcome mats, many as gifts and donation items. I am an artist, but more than anything other art or craft, crochet has provided a relaxing time for my hands to work and my mind to ponder, and at the end is a wonderful thing to wear or share.

  7. Martina

    Two weeks ago I dug out a knitted sweater that I began on flights to and from Australia 23 years ago! I decided to complet the half finished sleeves and rediscovered my addiction to knitting and crochet. I’d forgotten how theraputic they are, especially crochet as it’s so flexible. Unfortunately I can’t seem to go to bed at reasonable hours any more ( 2.00 am – and “just one more row…) I’ve made dresses, bedbreads, toys, hats in my teens for pocket money (a very lucrative affair) but need to find some current crochet patterns. Thanks for the links!

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