Audacity for Podcasting

I’m posting this for the folks in my podcasting class with Heather Ordover who were interested in using Audacity for sound recording.  Audacity is a free-ware program that you can download.

Please note that in order to convert or export your audacity project files or AUP’s into the MP3 format most used for podcasting you need to download and install a plug in. The instructions for downloading and installing are linked in the tutorial (last link listed) below.

To download visit the following link and find the link on the page that says “Download Audacity” and click it.

There is another version in Beta; however, if you’re a newbie to using these devices I strongly suggest you download and use the earlier version.

Here is a link to the documentation on how to use Audacity (you can also access it from the page above by clicking the “Help” tab):

Here is a tutorial on the Audacity wiki that walks through how to create a podcast:



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2 responses to “Audacity for Podcasting

  1. Heather Ordover

    Thanks so much for posting this. I haven’t been able even to get CLOSE to blogging!
    You rock!

  2. No worries, Heather. It’s my pleasure! I wish I had more time to organize that information a little better. I get a bit compulsive about organizing stuff like that… then I realize… wait… I have another job… I’m supposed to do 🙂

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