Square Needles and I think I might be burned out…

Day 3 from the Sock Summit and I’m feeling overwhelmed…  just kinda “socked” out. I’m seriously considering giving up my ticket to the Luminary Panel for tomorrow afternoon and ditching my class. I just re-read the description. What was I thinking????! Of course I’ll go.

I bought two pairs of Kollage Circular Square Needles at the Sock Summit: sizes 2 & 8. These needles are easier to hold. I also really like the dull copper finish as it makes them stand out. The size of the needles is carefully etched into the needle itself. This makes sense since you couldn’t really use a regular needle gauge tool to tell what size the needle was.

The needle cord for these circulars was pretty soft and supple. I didn’t have to worry about straightening kinks in the cable as I was knitting.  My swatch stitches and rows seemed very even, though I did practice the trick of purling backwards so I wouldn’t have to turn over the work to purl.  This technique may have also contributed to the evenness of the stitches. It does appear that they feel a bit easier on my hands as I knit; however, I’d have to use them for an extended period to time to make sure that they work the way I want them too without strain.  I tend to switch between different gauge and types of projects frequently to avoid developing repetitive stress syndrome.

My only complaint: my stitches were a bit tighter than usual.  I used worsted weight yarn on size US 8 needles.  I’m not too tight of a knitter. I think I might go up a size when I’m using these… at least that’s how I felt from my perspective.  I’m actually thinking of maybe getting a pair of 10.5 US in these needles. I’ve been knitting a lot of bulky weight yarn and it would be nice to have large needles that are a bit easier on the wrists.


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2 responses to “Square Needles and I think I might be burned out…

  1. Birdie

    Bought three sets of square needles off the internet, cause totally knew I needed them, and cast on next project, ut-oh, the join does not work at all with most of what I do (hats,wraps, scarves, no socks yet). Spoiled by addi’s I just ASSUMED that the technology for joining the cable to the needle had been perfected and that others would use ADDI as the standard. The cord was too floppy, as the piece became heavier, ie, more rows, it pulled the cable down to an awkward angle with the needle. If you are thinking bulky weight yarn I urge you to try some on what you have before you buy any more!

    • Hi, there Birdie. I actually like the floppiness of the circular needle cords. My problem with Addies and even Knitpicks cords is that they’re too rigid for me I feel like i’m always tugging them. I’ve been swatching a lot of yarns using these needles… and have not had too much of an issue. I even cast on for a pair of socks two at a time. It might be a preference thing. I have had no problem with using the needles for Magic Loop. It’ interesting to note about the cords for the heavier projects… that makes sense. Forgot to add… it was great that they had a station there that allowed you to try the needles to makes sure you’d like them. I had a friend who really liked the double points so much that he bought a pair.

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