Gorgeous Sock Yarns from Datura Fibers

Yikes just when I thought my pocketbook was safe (I’m going to try to do my best not to over do it during the Sock Summit this week)… but Bob and Meghan of Datura Fibers have done it again. They’ve created a Kettle-dyed series of yarns that are to die for. The colors are perfect for the Fall, and they’ll be available during the Sock Summit over at the Naked Sheep Knitshop in No Po.

What’s even better about this yarn? It’s a bit overplied which increases the durability of the yarn in general. A good thing for fiber that’s worn on people’s feets and walked around in.

The deep indigo is my favorite color-way, but I noticed tonight at the shop that they have even more kettle dyed colors waiting to be skeined including rich teal, understated olive,  a mauvish plum, and a shale grey. It’s just too much… I’ll never be able to decide which color I want.

Indigo Blues

Indigo Blues

Medley of Colors - The Deep Orange is Stunning

Medley of Colors - The Deep Orange is Stunning

Chocolate Browns

Chocolate Browns

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