Darn it!@

I’m having such a good time at the Sock Summit! As someone said at the table where I ate lunch, “I’m just walking around with a silly smile on my face.” She explained how good it felt to be around other knitting enthusiasts. I had to admit I was walking around with the same darn smile. By the way the Ravelry discussion about Burgerville just brought them a lot of business today. I thought I’d see if I could get a burger basket for lunch, and the line to the counter stretched to the back of the restaurant… and I assume out the door.  Nuts. I just went and got some bento from Anzen instead.

Okay, I’ll have to admit I was worried that with all these crazy knitters around me it might turn out like a Knitter’s version of a Star Trek convention, but my fears were allayed. You see, I’m a closet introvert and a bit freaked out about meeting people and just talking to them without really knowing them. (You’re probably thinking… well, then you’d be at home at a Sci Fi convention). But I was wrong… I really don’t have a problem socializing when I get to talk with other knitters. Knitters are nice people. It was really nice just to talk about knitting with scads of people who were just as passionate about it as me.

I took two classes today: Favorite toe up bind-offs & Darn it!.  Darning is such a great skill to have. I know back in the day just about everyone knew how to darn. Merike Saarnit assured us that it’s okay if darning doesn’t look perfect. It’s usually on the bottom of a sock for pete’s sake.  Here’s my practice darning swatch:

My first darning

My first darning

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  1. So glad to hear you’re having a great time. I wish I was there but then I’d just be tempted to start knitting. Enjoy the break from worklife.

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