Meaning of Life? Nah… Just a Reminder of What’s Truly Important.

We popped into see this film, $9.99 last night and I was quite charmed by the whole experience. The animation was wonderful, the shading and textures on the characters was a refreshing sight from all the clean lines we see here in America with all the MacAnimation we get from the big animation houses.  Plus there was a lot of knitting to oggle and wonder at. I really adored the story about the little boy who became attached to his piggy bank.  I have to admit, if you are the kind of person that likes explicit explantation or plot lines that are spelled out for you…  or if you think there must always be a point to a story…this isn’t the movie for you. This film may not be for those who crave the explicit or a traditional, clear moral ending, but even without lines clearly drawn, I walked away pleasantly surprised and feeling good.

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