The best care package I ever got, ever!

I got this last week in the mail & I’ve been meaning to put up my photo of my care package I received from a Ravelry swap I participated in, and I just found the blasted USB cord for my camera this morning. I apologize, Leanne for not being able to blog about this sooner.

I about cried when I opened the package.  I have never received anything as wonderful as this My care package giver surely outdid herself here.

I love everything here and greatly appreciate the thought and care that went into putting this package together. I’m especially excited to spin the  roving she sent me. The salted caramels taste like delicious stroopwaffles or caramel cookies I tried once in Amsterdam. I’m thrilled to use the “Pattern Tamers,” in fact, I’ve often wished I had something like these.  Also I love the little buttons with the “El” stops marked on them. I remember Belmont and Irving Park. And the cute little aqua blue purse with the bamboo handles… I can actually put my current sock project in this and tote it around with me.

After I got this package I got a keen craving for Harold’s Fried Chicken, later that week when we had dinner at “Tad’s Chic Dump,” I ordered a very fancy Fried Chicken dinner, but it just wasn’t the same thing. I miss the day-glo orange sauce they poured all over Harold’s chicken… so pungent it made your eyes sting when you opened up the package. Tad’s was good but not quite Harolds and instead of day-glo sauce I used a healthy serving of Tabasco.

Care package from ChiTownKnitterGal (Leanne)

Care package from ChiTownKnitterGal (Leanne)

Not shown here: A fabulous Chicago T-Shirt (which is in the wash because I wore it already).

Tons of gorgeous photos of places in the Windy City including my favorite place “The Art Institute.”  I used to hang out there on the “Free Day” or Tuesday because I was a starving student back then.

A handy dandy Chicago Public Library reusable bag!

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  1. How wonderful is that?
    Special friend.

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