The truth about myself

… now that’s scary… or is it, really?

April tagged me for the honest bug.

1.) Knitting and Fiber is a big part of my life, but I don’t know that I can make a living at it. I’m deathly afraid that I will be one of those people who will no longer enjoy it because it is my job. I am content to self-medicate my fiber addiction while teaching others how to knit and crochet.

2.) I like sweets – but not as much as I used to.  I think I’ve finally become my mother because I’m willing to settle for a piece of fruit for dessert. Though I will admit cheesecake is my kryptonite.

3.) I am lactose intolerant – once I ate a piece of Chicago Style pizza (cheese on top and in the middle) and I thought I was going to keel over. I have to drive by the Burgerville and scream lalalalalala when I see that they’re offering their signature blackberry milkshakes. For now I’m content to drink soy and hemp milk. Thank god I can digest yogurt.

4.) I am lazy – I like to work smart not hard. In fact I’ve been known to spend hours maybe weeks coming up with a solution for something that will save me an awful lot of time in the long run. I blame my experience in Corporate America for this one. It pains me when people are manually cutting and pasting into Word or Excel. I can only do so much to restrain myself from teaching them how to use a macro or make their own automated form:) That’s just me.  I have heard somewhere that it’s more important to hire people who can help bring efficiencies to a workplace rather than follow things by rote (unless you’re working in a hardcore assembly line factory).

5.) I love to teach – I forgot how much I missed it until I started teaching knitting and crochet at the Naked Sheep Knitshop.  Every now and then I teach a resume writing class for high school students.  I really get a spark when I see any student regardless of the subject light up when they’ve learned something new or something cool about themselves.

6.) I need to laugh every day that’s probably why I married my husband. Hell for me would be being married or having to work side by side with people who have little or no sense of humor. Though even if that’s the case (with the work situation), I’ve learned to cope because I can always make myself laugh… inside my head 🙂

7.) I love the Carpenters – I can hear people (including my husband) saying, “Dude, that’s lame.”  I think it’s from hearing their music as part of some of my earliest childhood memories. The music just makes me happy.


8.) I’m fairly easy going but have a hard time letting go if someone’s wronged me – I’m pretty much loyal to friends from thick and thin, but if someone has done something not so nice to me, stuff sticks in my head. While I can be civil to that person, the rest of my dealings with them will be affected by the past.

9.) I can be stubborn and loud and sometimes I open my mouth when I shouldn’t– I don’t really subscribe closely to astrology of any kind but the my Chinese Astrology sign makes the most sense to me. I am a Rooster.

In groups they are vivacious, amusing and popular. But Roosters can be conceited creatures, vain and boastful, with a strong egotistical need to constantly be the center of attention. Excellent at small talk, they can be the life of any party. Roosters are talkative types, outspoken, frank, open, honest — but a little too blunt at times. A polished debater and able to cogently refute any opinion, the Rooster is a talented polemicist, and could be an excellent journalist or writer.

You can read more about Roosters at this site:

I laugh at the 33% compatibility with another Rooster because it’s true. And surprisingly enough my husband is an Ox and we were extremely lucky to find each other:)

10.) I am a pop culture snob– I once decided I couldn’t have anything to do with someone outside of work because they didn’t know who Abbot and Costello were (and they were older than me.) I know it was very Seinfeld of me, but I couldn’t help it.  They really didn’t know about the “Who’s on Second, What’s on First” bit.  As a eight year old child, I first heard this on the airplane as part of the comedy show/channel and I laughed so hard the stewardess told me to be quiet. I just watched it on Youtube, and I still can’t stop laughing at it.



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3 responses to “The truth about myself

  1. “Top of the World” makes me smile every time I hear it. I say anyone who doesn’t like it is lame!

  2. I’m sensing tension between that kryptonite cheesecake and lactose intolerance!

  3. I like “Superstar” and I like the Sonic Youth version of that song too.

    And yes, Cheesecake and I are not good friends, i’d put us more in the category of passionate but tortured lovers… at least on my part.

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