I’m a Tweeter on Twitter

At least I’m not a twit on twitter.

My Twitter ID is:

I am  following 36 people… (look I don’t have that many friends). I accidentally selected the option to populate twitter contacts with your gmail e-mail book. Now I’m sure there’s some insurance agency in Iowa that’s wondering why they’re being followed by some strange blue-faced Asian lady.
I like checking on the knitters in Twitter by typing “Knitting” in the search. Interesting conversation!
I wonder if following too many people can just lead to confusion.
If anyone wants an knitting follower post a comment on this post with your twitter ID.
I will follow you eagerly if you’re sharing stuff about fiber goodness including knitting, crochet, spinning, dyeing, etc.


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3 responses to “I’m a Tweeter on Twitter

  1. I Twitter (I always snicker a little when I say that) as Aesox. Plurk is another nice place to read about knitting, crochet and spinning. They have a format that makes it easier to follow conversations. You can just join but if I send you an invite I get more karma 🙂 I just need an email addy. I’m not a robot or a nut, I promise!

  2. Hi there Aesox! Is there some way you can send me an e-mail to send you my address. Say as a private message on Twitter? You can use my twitter ID @nlkilkenny

  3. I clicked to “follow” you so if you “follow” me and I can DM you!

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