Now My Stash is Fresh and Clean as a Whistle


I remember grandmas grandpas or lolas and lolos smelling of mothballs. To this day I associate the smell of mothballs with old Asian people. Maybe it’s often chosen to place in closets of an older generation because camphor is such a cheap deterrent for moths.  Still I grew up determined never to let a mothball in my house… this may sound cold to you, but to me they smell of regret, sadness, and the powerlessness of being aged.  I respect my elders, but I don’t want to smell like them.

I’d overheard (somewhere I can’t recall) that Irish Spring Soap is a good repellant for moths and mice.   I don’t think there’s conclusive evidence for this, but I figured hey it’s less than three dollars for three bars of soap…I’m going to try it. I have to laugh when I recall the ads from my childhood of rosy cheeked actors with an Irish brogue selling us green marbled strong smelling soap by a babbling brook.  I guess they could pull that off when people didn’t know that much about the world and there was no Internet to allow use to verify if Irish people really do use Irish Spring soap.

I forgot how strong this stuff was… EGADS!  I’d imagine the Irish of that golden age those commercials referred to using lye soap in the stream, and I’d have to say I wonder if this is comparable. The stuff is strong enough that I could cut up each bar of soap into inch slices and distribute them amongst all the large bins in my stash. Thank goodness most of my stash is kept in a room outside my workspace.  I don’t think I could work around that smell. My other concern was that the soap would leave a lasting odor on the yarn. It’s been in my bins for about a week. I pulled out a skein or two to sniff. There was a faint smell, but nothing that wouldn’t remain after several hours of handling while knitting. So it’s a bit antiseptic in odor, but it beats moth balls and it’s far more affordable that cedar blocks.

I haven’t seen a moth near my stash yet… so here’s fingers crossed.



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4 responses to “Now My Stash is Fresh and Clean as a Whistle

  1. Manly, yes, but I like it, too!

    I don’t think we’re prone to moth infestations here, knock on wood!

  2. Ha! I remember those commercials. I’m going to try this — haven’t seen a moth yet but who wants to take a chance?

  3. Apparently, mice don’t like it either. Thought I doubt it’s true of the mice in our neighborhood… hardy little buggers. That is why I bought a cat :). No mice since early last summer :). Also we walled up all the holes with wire mesh and plaster when we remodeled.

  4. What an ingenious idea! Best to always be on guard for those little buggers.

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