My Frog Amigurumi Pattern is Up!


Sentimental Frog

After avoiding having to use GoDaddy to get my site hosted, I’ve finally created a place for my patterns. OMG GoDaddy has got to be one of the sleaziest sites out there with all the additional crud they sneak into your cart. ” No thanks!” I said. Their site makes me feel like I’m being bamboozled into paying for a bunch of extra junk I don’t need.

Instead I opted for using Dreamhost.

Right now the Amigurumi pattern is available for free via this link and at Ravelry (Pattern name: Sentimental Froggie).

Or you can get it here:

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One response to “My Frog Amigurumi Pattern is Up!

  1. Jona

    What a cute little froggy. You going to make a bunch of different animals?

    Interesting you’re using Dreamhost. That’s what I’ve been using for years and LOVE it.

    We need to get together and have a girls weekend soon.

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