Meet my sentimental frog

Slouchy bit of frog

Slouchy bit of frog

I’ve been having issues with my camera fuzzing up. User error obviously. I actually was able to whip up “Frog” in about an evening. I took some time the next day during lunch to construct him, and I added the scarf later. He’s got sort of a soulful and sentimental air about him. As he sits on my desk next to my key board his eyes direct themselves toward the ceiling as if to ask “why?” If I was eight years old, he’d be my best friend and quite a listener.

I used Glaciar del Cielo for the body and parts.  I really enjoy using this yarn as it doesn’t feel as harsh or rough as other cotton yarns. Strange but I prefer to make my creatures out of cotton vs. acryllic or even wool yarns because of the way they feel to the touch. The scarf was knit from some unidentifiable scrap of acrylic blend yarn, probably Encore.

I tried to make this toy fairly kid-friendly: no wire construction, no buttons or beads. Just stuffing and embroidered features.

I’m actually drafting a pattern of this little guy right now, and I”ll probably make it available for free on



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2 responses to “Meet my sentimental frog

  1. I love him! I think I may have to add him to my queue of projects on my ‘to do’ list!

  2. Thanks! I’m just working on finishing my edits to the pattern.

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