Save me from the Trader Joe’s Parking Lot

I would gladly pay for delivery service from Trader Joes just to avoid venturing into the gladiator ring that is their parking lot.  I HATE IT THERE! Despite their success, Trader Joes continues to build it stores in places where the parking sucks.  I think the only exceptions are where they open stores in abandoned grocery storefronts.  Last year I met with a content expert regularly at the Hollywood Trader Joes at the Panera coffee shop (because of the wireless access). This may sound a bit wimpy but I’d often find a parking space on the street because I want to avoid the incredibly hostile  drivers in the parking lot. There must be something about getting discounted gourmet foods that makes people into aggressive jack-asses.

Just thinking about going there this morning is messing with my Chi. I think I may either show up there a little early or figure out equally economical solutions to my needed grocery store items.

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