People do strange things with their cats

It’s too early to post Friday funnies, but I needed a good laugh this week. This has nothing to do with fiber craft, but… I saw this last week at a friends house and I nearly died laughing at the part that  is about 2 1/2 minutes into the video. Poor little kitties.  There’s one that looks particularly sad with his paws pointing down.


I went on a “youtangent” and started viewing more videos with “stupid pet tricks.” There must be a thousand videos of people talking to their cats (or insisting that their cats know how to talk). I even found one with subtitles. Here’s a frightening thought… what would happen if through our attempts to entertain ourselves with cat-chatter… we actually did teach cats how to talk and they taught each other?

“Oh Don Piano!”


Poor thing sounds like he’s having a cat-seizure


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