Say it isn’t so… Rmmmrghph!


How are they going to get that hair on Ted?

Keanu to Play Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop

Isn’t Keanu Reeves a bit too old to be playing Spike Spiegel, the bounty hunter?  Rggggh~@#!!!  Okay, so here I’ll admit that I once had a cartoon crush on Spike from Cowboy Bebop. After him came Jin from Samurai Champloo. It’s not just sacrilege to cast Reeves… it’s just wrong.

Here’s where the crotchety gen-x anime fan in me screams… LEAVE IT THE %$#$! ALONE ALREADY!!!!

Sometimes I just wish they would leave animation as it is… forget the live action movie. The novelty of translating things into live action has long worn away into a thin excuse for Hollywood not having enough of it’s own new ideas.  I’m not sure I even relate to Reeves as the ‘action hero’ of my generation…. maybe the Mall Rat or Beach Bum of my generation. Perhaps it’s because the Matrix has become so overplayed or perhaps it was just a half-way decent story rammed into the ground by the needless sequels.

And this latest betrayal…Why am I surprised? Hollywood just lets one stinky cock-up right after the other.  Not sure what to expect from this, plus they’ve left me disillusioned with countless cartoon to live action remakes…. Speed Racer anyone? Sorry, I’m just being crochety.

Crew of the Bebop

Crew of the Bebop

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