See how lame I am…

I don’t bother putting up before the holidays photos until well into January. Yeah, like big news guys… we did get 19 inches of snow (I’m being sarcastic).  I don’t have a lot of time now so I’ll just write brief captions with the photos. Less is more right?

Lady cross-country skiing down Interstate Boulevard.  I took this on the snow trek we made to the grocery on my Birthday… Eric made me a lovely B-day dinner with James Beard’s special potroast and a red velvet cake!

I just got a my gifts wrapped in time. I made the tags from cardstock, a snowflake stamp that was on sale for .99, and metallic silver ink.

Remember those hand painted skeins I made during the Dyeing party? I finally knit them into a pair of socks for a friend.

Also, during the snowstorm I did some more dying on my own. Love this color-way.

Finally, I finished the Amigurumi Monkey. Here he is with his friend the Elephant.


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3 responses to “See how lame I am…

  1. I just love your snowflake tags. They would look great as Christmas cards too.

    The socks look wonderful. The colors are just gorgeous.

  2. It all looks amazing! I love the critters! LOOOVE!

  3. Thanks all! I had a great time putting it all together. I think I’ve found my new passion… dyeing.

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