Walden Pond in Danger

I just saw this news item today and it made me very sad. Apparently 27% of the flora that was present at Walden Pond when Thoreau wrote is now gone or rare and on the way out. This dying out apparently is being caused by the slight changes in temperature.  I’ve also read and heard that in many woods, trees are dying because of a growing infestation of pine beetles. The beetles are apparently thriving because of warmer climates and warmer winters.

There are people that will claim that change is natural. Nature changes all the time. I still cannot help but think… Nature or cosmic events were traditionally the catalyst for the great changes past on this planet, and for the first time one species (us) is sentient and had/has the power to prevent and delay/stop this all from happening.

If you think about it the gravity of the situation (climate change) really dwarfs all our petty politics and culture wars.

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  1. how time changes everything 😦 I saw this mentioned on the wired blog very sad

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