Okay, I’m not this geeky…

But I found this pretty amusing. Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver for sale for 14.99 here.

Sonic Screw Driver

Sonic Screw Driver

Now there’s the total practical dork in me who thinks… you know I would get if it actually was a pen too… ’cause it really should do something… practical, and besides what the heck would I do with that but loose it in my purse? Then I read the description and it says… that it is a pen. Okay, maybe now I do have to get this…. but then I am bummed out again… because I find that they are sold out.  Flap doodles!  Five minutes later… I rationalize it thinking, “You know that is just UBER GEEKY.”  This is UBER GEEKY… and no, I’m not buying that!

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