Worst Service Ever – Pix Patisserie

We were once a big fan of Pix Patisserie, but my experience there Wednesday this week has changed my mind.  Normally, I don’t blog about things like this but the service was so appalling that I had to say something. I thought there was something strange when we drove up to the corner of Williams and Shaver and noticed that the 5th Quadrant restaurant was overflowing with customers, while the patisserie had only a handful.

During the time we were there there were no more than four groups of customers, one being a single lone gentleman enjoying drink or coffee, but our waitress was one of the most addle-plated individuals I’ve ever seen serve a table. Several times we asked her to place orders for dessert and additional drinks, but she seemed very hard to get a hold of. When we did get a hold of her she would take one person’s order, then flit away. When we tried to stop her to let her know that others at the table were interested in ordering food, she flusteredly complained that she was the only waitress on staff (implying that she’d get to us when she could). Now, I would understand if the restaurant had been filled to the gills, but it was not.

For most of our visit, the staff played this music, not horrible to listen to but cranked up so loud and cacophonous enough to put anyone there in a sour mood. It was very difficult to talk or hold a pleasant conversation. To the restaurant’s credit, I think someone on staff got the clue and turned the music down about fifteen minutes before we left.

On top of this because we had more than 6 at the table she automatically affixed the 18% gratuity, and she got our orders wrong. While I can understand the normal 18% gratuity for a larger party, I felt that the charge was really unjustified considering the poor service we received.

Now I believe in giving people a second chance, because we all have to learn from our mistakes. I don’t think the waitress should be fired, but I do think that she should be given a battery of customer service courses, or maybe even think about having a different position that doesn’t require her to interact as much with customers.  Our visit was so unpleasant that I will have to reconsider going there again for a long time, which is a pity because it was once one of my favorite places in North Portland.

Photo from the morgueFile

Photo from the morgueFile

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