Gardenias for memory

Our wedding anniversary is only a few weeks away, and I wanted to celebrate it via the olfactory. That doesn’t sound very romantic does it? Let me explain. We decided to semi-abscond and have our wedding in Hawaii on the Big Island. I wasn’t too concerned about formalities or pomp, but I did want to take advantage of one of the Islands resources… flowers.  I had leis made for all our wedding guests, and special leis for my mothers, my father in law and Eric and myself. I had a Haku (floral head dress) made from gardenias and a lei made from pikake (also known in the Philippines as Sampagita). Eric’s groom’s lei was made from fragrant maile leaves. And I had special leis made for our parents in plumeria and tuberose.

We were surrounded by the loving fragrances of Hawaiian flowers as we were married, and days later the leis still blessed us with these fragrances in our room as we retired from enjoying our day on the Island.

I’m a strong believer in the power of scent over memory. Perhaps that’s why I try to relive pleasant events in my life by associating them with scents. I’ve discovered that It’s a bit spendy to recreate the pikake and plumeria leis, but I did buy a small gardenia plant, and it sits right next to me on my desk. For the next few weeks. Right now two of the flowers are in bloom and my office is filled with the gorgeous and intoxicating fragrance.

My gardenia

My gardenia

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