Someone STOLE our gas!

Or at least they tried to! Someone popped open our gas tank last night and tried to steal our gas. Joke was… we only had about 1/8 a tank…! I guess they tried down the street as well because they couldn’t get much from ours. IDJIIIOTS! For security purposes we’re thinking of installing a web cam with a motion sensor outside of the house. Or rearranging the garage so we can fit the car in it.

Theft of gasoline?  I guess that’s to be expected I suppose with the economy the way it is. Thanks…”The MAN!?” and they who shall not be named.  No, there’s no problem with the economy right now… we’re doing great!  Shure it doesn’t matter to you when you own more than three houses and don’t have to worry about the gas mileage your car gets, or worst choose between paying for gas and feeding your family.


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3 responses to “Someone STOLE our gas!

  1. Jona

    You have got to be kidding. Someone seriously tried to steal your gas. I just can’t believe it. That’s so incredibly bad. I wonder if you can get a locking gas cap too. That might help the situation. I do love the idea of a motion sensor light and camera. That would SO freak out someone.

  2. Yes, I think this is a project I’ll try to set up this week. I’d like to have a stereo hook up that plays the sound of a shot gun loading and old hick dude’s voice, “Get off my land you damned varmint!”

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