Crafting an amigurumi menagerie

Happy little guys on the couch

Happy little guys on the couch

I’ve been making Amigurumi (Japanese Crochet Dolls) animals lately.  I was able to crank out two over the week-end. Actually, I’m scheduled to teach a course on the subject at the Naked Sheep Knit Shop, so I’ve been busily crocheting away.  In the process, I’ve discovered that I really like the fact that you can sculpt so many shapes with single crochet. All of the dolls, I’m sharing here are based on a common design from a Japanese pamphlet book.  However, I adjusted the body parts and to create different animals.

Alfie the Amigurumi Chihuahua

Alfie the Amigurumi Chihuahua

Amigurumi Rabbit - unnamed as of 8/12/08

Amigurumi Rabbit - Mortimer (named by Jeremy)

I’m currently finishing up a third doll, an elephant. The ears were an interesting little sub project. I realize now that I should take better notes while I’m designing these things. I’ve discovered that with crochet, I need to actually work the design out by hand before I can start writing things down.  For the ears on this elephant, I experimented with adding two flaps to a short chain of single crochet… the first attempt looked too much like butterfly wing that I ended up frogging it.

I’ve also discovered that I like working with mercerized cotton yarn better than 100% wool to make these toys. I suspect that a good sturdy acrylic yarn would also make a good choice for these types of project.

Amigurumi Elephant without the eyes

Amigurumi Elephant without the eyes


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3 responses to “Crafting an amigurumi menagerie

  1. Really? All these animals are made from just single crochet? They look so difficult.

    Good luck with your class!

  2. Yes, the animals were all done in single crochet. Most of the body parts with the exception of the elephant’s ears are started in the round. Amigurumi shaping is fairly easy, each piece is shaped with strategically placed increases or decreases.

  3. Simone

    Your Amigurumi’s are sooo cute!!!

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