Beautiful Babette

A whole lot of yarn

A whole lot of yarn

At Knit Night at the Naked Sheep Knit Shop, Elaine brought in an armful and then some of Cascade 220, wound it up then placed most of the colors on the table. She wanted us to help her select the colors for the massive Babette Blanket she’s planning to finish before October for a wedding gift.

Babette Blanket Example 1

Babette Blanket Example 1

Maybe I was just uber tired that day, but looking at all that yarn, in so many colors really overwhelmed me. Plus, I like crochet, but not that much. This project is pretty modular and you can take it with you in small pieces where ever you go, but still I think it would take me years to finish it if I was not monogamous. Kudos to Elaine for starting this project and setting her time frame goal.

I love the blanket itself because done it some color schemes it looks a lot like the background of a Gustav Klimt painting.  You can view all the different renditions of this blanket here: Babette Blanket Pool.

Personally, I think that this would be a great group project for several people to tackle. Say if you were giving the gift as a comfort item for someone you cared about… or even a wedding gift.

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