I have Sock ADD

STR Gypsum in Spiraling Socks

STR Gypsum in Spiraling Socks

I don’t need to start another pair of socks… I think I have three on the needles right now and I’m planning another set of Socks that Rock (in Coriolis for the Naked Sheep Class I’m taking this weekend). I’m trying to finish up the Gypsum socks above. I’m to the bottom of the calves now and I really don’t like the pooling that’s going on with this colorway of yarn. The Instep and sole looks great though. I guess these will be boot socks.

Fabel Socks

Fabel Socks

To be fair… most of the socks I’m knitting for now on are for Christmas Gifts. I’ll try to chart the simple lace pattern for the anklets. I originally was making them for me… because I love wearing white lace socks with my Mary Janes.

Anklets on

Anklets on

Cascade Heritage Lace Anklets

Cascade Heritage Lace Anklets

And I just got more new sock yarn! Yikes! Most of which will again be converted to X-mas gifts. I do have time to cast on for these before the end of the year. It is indeed the Year of the Sock. I have decided not to participate in the Knitting Olympics because I set my own steep hurdles to jump over. Though I might be able to count my Coriolis sock ala Cat Bordhi as my challenging item.

Imagination Gingerbread House

Imagination Seven Dwarves

Imagination Seven Dwarves


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4 responses to “I have Sock ADD

  1. Jona

    Umm… yeah, I’d say sock ADD… or compulsion. My hats are off to you though, socks take forever.

  2. I am verrrrrry much a beginner at knitting, but somewhat accomplished at crochet. I was told *by hubby-dear* that I had to USE UP my stash before I got any more yarn.

    “But what if there’s a crochet emergency and I don’t have any yarn stash?” I asked him. He didn’t care. 🙂

    Your socks look marvelous. Great job.

  3. Giggle!
    I can’t throw stones. I am solidly in the camp of “You Can’t Have Too Many Project”. It’s a good camp.

  4. I’ve really discovered the joy of knitting socks… both for myself and for gifts. I’ve discovered that I can’t really wear storebought yuki acrylic socks anymore, except for maybe athletic socks.

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