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Photos for Summer Knitting Inspiration

View of the Klickitat River

It doesn’t feel like Summer is around the corner. I’m wearing a wool cardigan and wool socks. We broke down and actually turned the heat on today. It’s definitely hard to write or draw when you’re fingers and hands are coldy cold. But this Sunday and also earlier last week, I spent some time in the Columbia River Gorge area. My mother-in-law and I actually visited the Foothills Alpaca farm outside of Hood River.

See the cute young Alpaca’s who were just recently sheared. Hopefully, they’re not too cold despite this somewhat chilly weather.

Baby Alpaca Cutie

Baby Alpaca Cutie

My Mom-in-law got to feed one of the Babies.

Feeding a baby alpaca

Feeding a baby alpaca

The Alpaca Maternity Ward with three expectant mothers:

The "Maternity Ward"

We went on a brief hike up the Klickitat, and I took a few pictures of some late-spring wildflowers. I’m actually thinking of designing a few simple pieces inspired by these flowers.

The wild lilac’s fragrance filled the air.

Wild Lilac


Not sure

Wild Onion


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70’s TV Inspired Knitwear

All this talk about Seventies themed shows like The Sweeney and Life on Mars has gotten me hankering for some 70’s sensibility and style. Vikie Howell may look back on the 80’s with nostalgia, but not me.  You know those annoyingly superficial rite-de-passage teen movies from the 80’s?  My role in that movie would have been one of the supporting characters like neer-do-well nerd. I was Sarah-Jessica-Parker before Sex in the City when she was in Square Pegs. So no, I don’t like the 80’s.

What to knit that’s got 70’s style but doesn’t look like something that should be worn to a costume party?

I thought I might try the Short Sleeved Wavy Line Sweater from Vintage Knits. I wonder of PC Annie Cartwright form Life on Mars would be seen wearing this… I think so.

I feel wrong about posting a photo of someone’s creation on Ravelry without their permission. So I will try to provide you with a photo approximation (imagine in more subtle shades of russet, sorrel, chestnut, and a hint of cream). Also picture some short slightly puffy sleeves while you’re at it.

Or how about this (image found on

70's fashion

While I’m on this 70’s click here’s a music favorite.


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Why can’t American TV Writers just write their own ‘good stuff?’

This has nothing to do with knitting though with one of my favorite programs. I got both seasons of BBC’s Life on Mars as a birthday gift from my very present-buying savvy husband.

Looks like American TV writers for ABC have really ‘cocked it up’ in their Americanized version of the popular British series. Why God, Why?! Why do we continue to have to take what’s good somewhere else and put our own cultural stamp on it? I suppose I shouldn’t rag on this until I’ve seen it, but still I smell a rotten dinosaur egg of mega proportions.

You can read the initial review of the program here:

The original program really was a joy to watch. My favorite character of course is Gene Hunt, who utters one of my favorite lines ever.

Cast from the original BBC Production… YAY!!!!

The new cast of the American version… ehhhhhh.

Re-doing foreign shows and films usually sucks. Why? Is it the writers’ fault or the studios’ for just acting on the notion (driven by business vs. creative motivation)?


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Save Knitty Gritty!!!

DIY has decided not to continue the Knitty Gritty show.

I think this is really a shame and I’m puzzled as to why because knitting seems to be forever growing in in popularity.  I’m saddened because the show continued to expose many talented designers in the knitworld.  I also learned some pretty cool techniques like knitting with wire and dying yarn.

If you wish to sign a petition to keep the show going please visit the link below and show your support.

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