Meet Ichiro

This has nothing to do with knitting.

This has been in the works for a few weeks, but this weekend I took my Dad out with me to get a pug puppy. It was my gift to him. His dear dog Duke had passed away, and Dad was feeling pretty lonely. We are a pug family all around, so I contacted Otto’s breeder. This weekend we kept the puppy overnight while my Dad made sure his house was puppy-proofed as much as possible. It was really hard to let go of the little guy. He has such a wonderful, curious personality. Eric was pretty convinced that he was ‘top notch’ as puppies go.. super smart, fully of energy, ‘into things,’ and a good study.

At first Dad seemed pretty set on calling him Duke… again. But then in the car on the way home from the breeder… I said, “He looks like a Japanese filmstar to me … how about Toshiro (Mifune)… or Akira… or…”

“How about Ichiro, like the baseball player,” my Dad said.

So Ichiro it was. When we were buying the supplies at the pet store. I actually had the tag made then and there, just to make sure he wouldn’t waffle. I know he could always get a new tag, but I feel very strongly about giving pets names that are unique to them. It did occur to me that maybe my dad needed to mourn Duke a little more, but you know it just seemed that it would be good for him to have ‘someone’ like an ani-pal there in the house with him to keep him on his toes.

I haven’t seen my Dad that pleased or happy in a long time. Even though part of me didn’t want to let go of the dog, it seemed worth it after I saw the look in my Dad’s face.


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4 responses to “Meet Ichiro

  1. Awwwwwww, he’s an adorable little guy!

  2. He is a real sweetheart! I think his personality more than anything won us over. Though my chihuahua wasn’t real thrilled to have him around. He’s still hanging around me and asking for reassurance. He wants me to pick him up all the time. Funny how they get that way.

  3. Ichiro is adorable!
    I’m so glad you got him for your Dad. Dogs are fantastic companions and I know Ichiro will bring him much joy.

  4. Jona

    That is one cute doggie!! Makes me want to get another dog. Pugs are so cute!

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