Make Magazine Features the Ravelry Folks

I love Ravelry because it’s really the best example of how people in a community of craft can work together to learn and enrich their craft. I have to say, I have learned so much from the Ravelry community and I’ve only been on it for a few weeks.

On the way down to San Francisco, I listed to the Y Knit (Episode 4) where the Y-Knit team interviews Jess and Casey. They mentioned that the restricted membership was a turn off to some. I have to admit that I was one of those people. I felt that peoples’ membership to the site was promoting an exclusive culture (most likely unintentionally). People would talk about Ravelry, but then you’d realize that you couldn’t get in. It seemed like only “Ravelry People” were ‘in the know.’ In fact, I was so turned off by this that I didn’t even bother trying to sign up until a month or so ago.

I’m really glad I did.


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2 responses to “Make Magazine Features the Ravelry Folks

  1. What a shame. I never felt that way. I understood the site was in Beta testing. Normally, when a site is Beta testing, only a select few are allowed to use the site. But, I suppose it’s because I live with a video gamer and he has yet to make the much coveted beta user list.
    But, Ravelry is a wonderful place to talk knitting or a million other things. I especially love the food groups.
    So glad you put your name on the list and got access!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I guess I just didn’t have the patience back then to wait in line with 15,000 other people, being that impatient child of a capitalist culture. I guess I don’t like lines or rushing into things. I’m like that with some technology (except for maybe the ipod). I’d rather wait to see others use and test something out then reap the benefits.

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