Dr. Who Dolls in Crochet

Say what you want of my infatuation with Dr. Who, but I just absolutely adore the dolls created by this wonderfully creative and inventive individual. She’s basically crocheted and knit a version of all of the Doctor’s incarnations. Each complete with a detailed outfit. I have to say my favorite is the Peter Davidson Doctor. I believe that you can order the dolls. Here’s a link to photos :http://www.geocities.com/drwhonace/homemade/bathroombuddies.html.

Excellent work. I heart and I covet! I’m still amazed at the details in the costumes. Especially Sylvester McCoy’s.

K-9 Tissue holder is adorable!

Peter Davidson’s Doctor aka. the Fifth Doctor


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4 responses to “Dr. Who Dolls in Crochet

  1. That’s pretty neat! Have you seen the free dalek crochet patern on the net? My mom a big fan and really wants her own.

  2. Yes I have seen that! I have a friend who’s continually dropping hints that I need to knit that for him.

  3. marie

    hiya thats fantastic
    im just beguining to knit but i am a big fan of david and was wondering
    if there are anyone out there that is willing to knit a david tennant doll
    please get in touch

  4. I actually didn’t make these lovely dolls. I think the crochet-artist I linked to above may knit these per request for payment. Though who knows the BBC has been getting very touchy about anyone making anything “Dr. Who” and selling it. (I noticed that the link is down so they must have made her take down her images and page.) I think the basic construction of these dolls in crochet is not hard. But the garments are another story.

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