February’s Sweater… almost done

Right now I’m about 70% done with my Elizabeth Zimmerman’s yoke sweater. Again, there was a lot of stockinette, and because I knit this in a cream color, I felt I was lost in a sea of milky stockinette.

I have to confess that suffer from an inferiority complex about the evenness  of my stitches when I knit it stockinette. I find that if I concentrate on getting things even, I just end up knitting fabric so tight it could double for a suit of armor. There must be some knitting workshop or exercise akin to the metronome exercises used to learn the piano that will help me achieve evenness in my stitches.

I did use the “Magic Loop” method to knit both sleeves at the same time. I’ve finally attached my arms and am ready to start the color work.

I think I can get this done before the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

Body of Yoke Sweater

Yoke sweater sleeves

Yoke sweater with sleeves attached

 Yoke sweater sleeves 2

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