New projects and cartoon musings on a sweater for the original dork

Addendum: I found the link to the Scooby Doo parody from the Venture Brothers. You can view it here:

I want to knit for me…. for me and no one else! This selfishness usually occurs right after the holiday knitting frenzy and does not subside until maybe May. I’ve been ill lately and on some days I was too weak even to pick up the needles. Work has been keeping me busy and it’s been about two weeks or so, so I’m in a serious state of withdrawal and the selfish knitting thing will probably help me recuperate. I think I want to make a quick sweater so i’ve been considering making Marilyn in Gianna. I thought of using coral color… but then I paused and thought… orange sweater… why doesn’t ‘orange sweater’ feel right or sound right? OH,yeah… the chunky black glasses, you dork!

Every time I wear an orange sweater I feel like Velma from Scooby Doo. Yes, an Asian Velma. Curse that Velma! I shall never wear an orange sweater again… at least until I get a new pair of glasses.

Scooby Doo stopped being cool when Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze became involved… though most will argue that this happened long before this when the evil little character whose name shall not be mentioned was introduced to the cast.

So how about red? A red sweater would be nice.

All this talk about the Doo reminds me of that great episode of the Venture Bros. with the parody cast from S.D. I couldn’t find a clip of it on the Tube, so here’s another favorite clip:

Come on… he’s in Depeche Mode!


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3 responses to “New projects and cartoon musings on a sweater for the original dork

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  2. Lol, we say, “But he’s in DEPECHE MODE!” all the time for no reason. Also, “Don’t you get tired of your pants being constantly on fire?” Venture Brothers was a great show. My favorite episode was the yard sale one. Hilarious.

    Love your knitting. I found you while searching for a Lily of the Valley lace chart (haven’t found one yet). I’ve added you to my ravelry friends and added your rss feed to my feed reader. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks, Kara. I’d like a chart of that pattern too. I don’t like reading knitting instructions for lace that are written out. I heard somewhere that there might be a third season of VB, but I could be wrong. I was watching an episode with commentary from the the cartoon’s creators (on Adult Swim) and it looks like Hank is Brock’s clone while Dean is of course Thaddeus Venture’s. Funny, huh? Brock looks good in an apron.

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