Sweater a month?

Please note: I finally had the time to edit this post and put it up. I’m actually posting this a couple weeks after I drafted it.

For the past few days I’ve been suffering from the most debilitating flu. I suppose I should have gotten my flu shot, but honestly, every single time I got the shot I got sick. So I figured this year, I’d pass. It’s been quite horrible actually. I haven’t even had the strength to knit. I think I may have been delirious because I do remember working out the dimensions and math for a blanket in my dreams….36 stitches by 60 stitch rectangles with patterns of 8 inch repeats. Maybe obsessing over the math actually helped me through the fever.

Yesterday, the fever broke and later in the evening I was able to finish my Central Park Hoodie. I actually chose this pattern to work on early in the year because I’ve been toying with the idea of really pushing my garment making skills a bit further. The Hoodie is a good project because it has some sleeve shaping that’ a little more complicated than your basic sunken arm sleeve. I felt that the hoodie would be a good start and give me a little confidence before I took on some more complex projects.

It felt like I was knitting an awful lot of stockinette, and I adjusted the cabling pattern a little.  Also, I adjusted the armholes making them a little wider and slightly longer, because I just didn’t feel that the size recommendations given in the pattern would work well. But, you know, all this work and the tedium paid off. I love this sweater in the yarn I used (Elann Sierra Aran in Lichen). It is the warmest most comfy sweater I own. Plus, if it hadn’t been for the illness, I would have knitted it in a month.

Hoodie armsHoodie hood

Hoodie back

So, I’ve been considering actually having the goal of a sweater a month. Of course, my sock knitting will lag and suffer, but, oh well. After knitting the hoodie, I’ve decided that the joy of having a new knitted garment a month is worth the toil. Plus … I HATE, HATE…. the fashion choices that we’re limited to by all the big name fashion retailers, and I feel that Portland is the BLACK HOLE OF FASHION. I like the luxury of feeling relaxed but there’s a point where you don’t want to feel like Ms. Schlumpy day in and day out. I’m not exactly Ms. Moda myself. I tend to gravitate towards more classic looks like the 1930’s cardigans and Fair Isle patterns, but there comes a time when you want just something nice or classic that doesn’t look like you purchased it at an outlet store.

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